“We want to thank our customers for helping us grow at Hi Plains Dairy. We hope to provide you with quality dairy products for many more years to come.”…Jim Smith

“ Jim, Thank you for all you do to provide such wonderful milk!!!" M.N.

“ Thank you Jim :)” M.M.

“ Jim, Thank you so much. We love the milk.” L.M.

“ Thanks for letting me help out that day, growing up a farm girl, it was so nice to see such a clean dairy” B.G.

“ Mr. Jim, Thanks so much for the tour, it was fun to see the great rapport you have with your animals” D.M.

“Thank you Jim….God Bless you and all your goat and cow babees” C.C.

“ I was lucky to be working for Vivian Rice’s nutrition office when I had my first and only son at 41. She insisted that I go from breast to raw goat’s milk when it was time. I did not feel right about the few farms at that time that I had to choose from, so I “sneaked” pasteurized goats milk, much to the horror of Vivian. Jim Smith came along, and I finally found my farmer! Jim’s milk is so clean and pure, and his methods are above board. My soon to be 10 year old, who has a picky appetite, always looks forward to his milk. We trust Hi Plains Dairy and have been a customer for nearly a decade.” CBC

“ The one thing that I need to say about your milk….YUM!!” L.T.