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Support Your Farmer, Members Only

Hi Plains Dairy is excited to announce a new “Volunteer” Program. We have had a lot of members ask us how they can help, and this is an opportunity to support your dairy, and your dairy farmer. The family style farms have survived because of large families with skills being passed down to each generation. This type of farming is quickly fading from our high-tech cultures. With this “Family” theme in mind, we are going to begin offering a new opportunity for our members only.

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Work to Do

There are many jobs on the dairy that have to be accomplished each and every day. Every thing from milking, cleaning, feeding, bottling, and talking to the animals, just to mention a few. In all kinds of weather, holidays, and personal days, it has to be done. With so many different types of jobs we hope that you might find one that would fit you. We will be conducting a 1 day workshop to introduce the dairy to 4-5 potential volunteers. In the spring of 2019 we will begin our WWOOF ( ) program. Jim Smith, your farmer, and Master Grazer has a wealth of information to share, and will be finding apprentices from a pool of wwoof and volunteer workers so that this information can be passed on.


Contact Us

If you would like to support your dairy, and your local farmer, are just curious about working a dairy farm, love animals, and don’t mind hard work, and getting in the muck, please contact:

Dana McLaren, at or call/text at 719-645-5552 to find out the qualifications and available jobs and to sign up for this very unique opportunity.

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